Welcome to the London College of Management and Technology (LCMT) where time spent studying in an exciting, diverse and international environment, will provide you with the opportunity to enhance your future career prospects.

LCMT core motto is what we aim to achieve for all our students and our core values and principles guide and direct all that we do.

Students at the LCMT study UK courses, delivered by UK. At LCMT, students are learn using updated and effective teaching methods and techniques that provides them with a world-class online educational experience without the need to leave the country.

At London College of Management and Technology, students earn a valuable degree, but even more importantly in today’s global economy, professional credibility and the skills necessary for a thriving career. Our specially selected multiple faculty consists of appointed scholars, business leaders, and industry experts to give our students access to the best thought leaders from around the world. It started with a mission to provide quality, full-time, internationally recognized online courses for:

  • MBA
  • Bachelors Programs
  • Professional Courses, Computing qualifications and an interesting range of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in management and business administration.

We are continuously improving and our quality assurance techniques provide confidence to our students and other stakeholders. We take pride in our teaching staff who include lecturers from many Universities of London. Our assist staffs are highly trained to deal with your queries and meet your needs. Our Advisory Board has a wealth of experience, and meets regularly to assure that we are meeting our academic standards.

Qualifications are essential to gaining recognition and respect. Students from UK and from all over the world want to study in London and our philosophy is to provide high standards of teaching in an environment that encourages academic achievement alongside personal development while experiencing the culture and life of a lively city. Find the right course for you and get student enhance learning throughout your time.

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